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Dog-eared Journals (the book)

I've been keeping illustrated journals since about 2006, particularly when I travel. I've been spending a lot of time in Portugal where there is no end to inspiration for sketching. But it's not just the country itself that is fun to sketch. I've always been a dog lover and there are dogs of every size, shape and description in Portugal. I've found this to be a great subject for my sketches. What began as an interesting topic for the wandering of my pen has become a bit of an obsession. (I suppose a bit of an obsession is an oxymoron, isn't it?) With photographs, drawings, paintings and/or notes, I compulsively document the dogs I encounter. I have thousands of photos of dogs. (Thank you digital photography!)

While observing and sketching dogs in Burgau, I met an extraordinary dog named Ruca. Ruca also keeps an illustrated journal and I've found it to be quite fun and enlightening to look through. I convinced him to let me help publish it and in November, 2013 it was completed. It's filled with drawings, paintings and observations of his life as a street dog and an artist.
Dog-eared Journals - art and observations from a dog living in Portugal
100 pages, full colour, 8.5" x 8.5"
See sample pages below.

Ruca introduces himself:

"I'm a free dog living a bohemian life. When I'm not chillin' with my friends or playing Tag the Fire Hydrant, I'm busy making marks in my illustrated journal. What started out as a game making marks in the sand has evolved into documenting my life, my friends, and the world around us. I use any method available to me to make the marks in my journals - ink pen, watercolour, collage, coffee, wine - whatever I can get my paws on. I've found that I appreciate my life even more now that I take the time to make a record of it."



You can order a copy of DOG-EARED JOURNALS directly from me. The information is on the Home page of this site (click the link on the sidebar at the left). While you're waiting for it to arrive in the mail, you can get to know Ruca by visiting his online journal blog at It's got drawings, observations, photos, and insights into life from a dog's point of view.