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I have a passion for mosaics and I've been designing and creating them since 1996. Polymer clay is my material of choice. It gives me total control over the size, shape and texture of each tile. That's right, I'm not picking pre-made tiles off the shelf. Each one is handmade by me.

On the practical side, polymer clay tiles are warm, durable and easy to clean. Creatively, the design possibilities are infinite!

I've created mosaics for backsplashes, mirrors, cabinet panels, tabletops, and as stand alone art pieces.

Red Bird Mosaic

one of a kind

Klimt Inspired Backsplash

one of a kind
Klimt Inspired Backsplash (detail)

Spotted Fish Mosaic

one of a kind

You can see much more of my mosaic work in my book. You can even try your hand at creating one for yourself.

My book is now out of print and I'm sold out. You may still be able to order it through your local independant bookseller or get it through or or second hand through The Odd Book.

10" x 22" x .75"

one of a kind