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Caterwaul Mask
polymer clay, wire
14" tall

Caterwaul Masks

"Once there was a city inhabited by a society of boisterous and bizarre people. This city was known as Caterwaul and was situated on a point of land at the west end of Blomidon, Nova Scotia.

At the height of the city's prosperity the earth gave a great heave and split open, causing Caterwaul to sink into the icy depths of the Bay of Fundy. Cape Split serves as a reminder of this drowned city.

At an unusually low tide, artist Krista Wells discovered faces sculpted in rock that had once been at the very top of the ancient city. She hastily recorded these images days before Fate sent a storm that swept away this last vestige of the drowned city.

Caterwaul Masks are based on those lost rock carvings, and possess the same zany spirit as the people of Caterwaul.

Each mask in one-of-a-kind and is signed and dated."

Caterwaul Masks
polymer clay, wire
4" tall
(those pictured above are sold but others are available)
CAN$32 each (includes a card with the story on it)